Jabber 2.4.5 Build 20 for Windows 10


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Messenger Jabber 2 provides a whole new level of communication both in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The primary means of communication is the Jabber network, although protocol support AIM, Yahoo and Jabber 1.x is better than ever. Jabber 2 offers access to SMS gateways leading operators, gadgets for regular use, many useful and unique features and a high level of security and reliability. Opportunities Communication · Communication networks: Jabber (AQQ.eu), MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Jabber 1.x, GTalk · Support for SMS gateways: Orange, Era, Plus and operators wirtualniPrzesyłanie · Advanced file transfer system (with Drag & Drop ) · Images · transmission system transfer function screenshots along with editor · Innovative transmission system emotikonWygląd · The modern and fully customizable · Skorków utilizes Alpha channel · Bookmarks in the chat window, grouping messages · Group contacts, avatars · Many alternative artwork, skins, icons , the chat window styles, packages emotekInne · Full multimedia and functionality · Reliability and stability · Extensive database configuration · Extensive additions - plugin visual extras · Dynamic development project